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What are using today for your surveillance? Short description
º  Implementation of a high-end 3D surveillance system and upgrade of  existing video only and analog based systems.
º  Complete 3D remodeling and virtualization of your full architectural building complex
º  Implementation of a high-end 3D surveillance system into existing video only based systems
Who and how are you watching these days? º  Construction and implementation of a modern, up-to the latest technological standards camera sensors and sensory systems
º  Easy to modify/ expand system with new architectural constructions, easy to implement/ add solutions to existing and new system)
º  Insertion of low/ no visibility hidden cameras, sensors and triggers
º  Networked camera, sensors and other detection systems
º  High-sensible color digitial cameras
º  Remote, adabtible operational digitial cameras and sensors
Do you know the exact location from just the video image? º  High-end PC/ Server based programming and computing operations
º  3-dimensional visualization, maintaining real-time feed and immediate action
º  Simple user interface for control and operations
º  Fully automatic alarm triggering - eliminating false alarms
º  Fully automatic focusing and intrusion search and visualization
º  Alarm notification via SMS, email or other standard communications
Why is our system special and unique
We have the world wide solution for you! º  Total control over your entire building and location independent infrastructure
º  Easy to use interface on many local and mobile devices
While you can stay focused on your business, our innovative º  Easy to access interface (from anywhere, TV, PC, mobile phone and more)
systems keep a watchful eye on your surroundings … º  Astonishing 3D visualization of your building and watched locations
º  Easy switch embedded life video view in 3D virtual world
With 3D technologies in 4 Dimensions …
º  Low cost - high availability, total redundancy
… we save you time & costs - and keep you actively involved. º  Low maintenance costs and requirements