Für eine detaillierte IT Service Presentation & Termin rufen Sie uns bitte gleich an!
 - business commitment
 - service commitment
 - quality execution
 - experience
 - professional approach
 - professional communication
 - focus on your needs
 - 3D visualization (with 4D interpretation)
       anaglyphisch, polarisiert, shutter, stereoskopisch ...
       Images, Foto Enhance, Video, Animation, Live 3D ...
 - detailed modeling, animation & simulation
 - video presentaitons, training, demo and documentaries
Your IT department should NOT be an EXPENSE, but an ASSET!
We are different from others, so should you!
We don't brag with our customers, we are proud of our accomplishments.
 What does 4DsecureIT stand for?
 3- dimensional state- X-Y-Z coordinates + Time (Your Time)
 Secure Implementation, Data & IT Resource Management
 Consulting and Supportfrom Onsite, Off-site Consulting, Administration to 24x7 Support
 IT OutsourcingEffective and Efficient IT Solutions
 Web Hosting & ServicesNew and Existing Applications, Presentations, Domains, Email … more
 Mobile Solutionsfrom the Blackberry over PDA to Domino 8 … and much more
 Software development:Customized Applications, Data Management
 Project management:Planning, Roll-out, Successful Closure
 Hosting & Administration:Servers and Applications
  Complete InfraStructure Solutions
  Cloud Computing
 Data Management:Database Design, Hosting, Administration
 Secure Data Storage:Secure Datastore, Archiving
 Information DigitalizationArchiving of Documents, Drawings, Imagery and Data
 Effective Data Retrieval:Information you own is information, that needs to be effectively
  used in your business, your communications as well as future
  strategic developments and expansions
 Advanced IT based Security Solutions … click here for more information …
  3D enabled building surveillance … details here
  Interactive, simple to use interfaces …
 3D Animations, Digital Film, Product and Architectural Simulations …
  Together with a variaty of film studios, we produce 3D HD quality … details here
  animations, complete sequences and more
Für eine detaillierte IT Service Presentation & Termin rufen Sie uns bitte gleich an!