Welcome to the info HelpDesk JOB offers. For more information please call us.
      We are looking for:
 Developer:C, C++, Java ..., 3D engine development,
  hardware interfacing, touch technologies and live operations.
  Please apply with references! Students are welcome!
 Marketing/ Sales:Experience in corporate and high-end private sales,
  existing contacts and customer base welcome (commissions plus+)
  international marketing & sales experience, fluent English preferred.
  Please apply with references and in person!
 Benefits, Salaries, Commissions...
  We pay market salaries, lucrative extras and
  commissions based on performance.
 Conditions, Engagement & Process...
  • we value honesty,
  • we credit quality & achievements,
  • we continuously train and support our staff,
  • we communicate well and process information to
  •        benefit effective grows.
      ... more.
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